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Beware of Rogue traders


As seen on the BBC's Watchdog TV program. LOOK OUT FOR AND BE AWARE .

Posh Websites with fake reviews offering clearance and other services WHO HAVE mulitpul area code land line phone numbers for multipul post code areas, eg, based in 01302, or 01226, or 01142, or 01709, so they look like they have a waste handling depot in your area.

We call it telling tall stories to make themselves look bigger

Yet when calling all the landline numbers you find they are all linked and diverted to a single mobile phone number, this is called phone spamming its misleading and dishonest certainly illegal when registered with the enviromnet agency if they are.

Chances are these websites will not have any addresses desplayed for where they claim to be based in these areas, and chances are there will not even be any address for that business on the web page, so in fact when stuff goes wrong you have no address to contact or write too, let alown seek redress if required, the web sites will say they are registered, but without an address you can not check online on the environment agency's web site. if this is the case dont use them you are asking for trouble just like Matt on watchdog says. beware of these cowboy set ups.

its your personal, private and family things your trusting somebody to handle. at least be able to know who your dealing with


JUST SO YOU KNOW Clutter busters clearance team have been estabishied for 7 years, all our reviews are genuine and real from our customers, our full address and registration details are plastered all over this site. We are based in Doncaster DN50RY . I have 2 phone number ONE land line and my mobile, both linked to me and only me.

we can work anywhere in the UK just call for more details if you need to ask any questions.


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